Jean Jennings Bartik Memorial Service

I will not be posting for a few days because I will be traveling to and from my mother’s memorial service. I posted a little bit about her in a previous blog post shortly after her death on March 23rd. In addition, since then Steve Lohr of the New York Times wrote a very nice obituary about my Mom.

The great cause of my Mom’s last years was promoting a greater role of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  My mother was involved in the early stages of the computer industry, as one of the first six programmers (all women!) on the ENIAC computer. She experienced great joy in some of her work in the computer industry, in particular from working with brilliant people such as Pres Eckert and John Mauchly, the co-inventors of the ENIAC.  But after that pioneering work, she also experienced much frustration due to the blatant sexism that prevailed in many technology fields against women. It was a great disappointment to my mother that there has not been more progress in promoting a greater role for women in science and technology related fields.

My Mom spent a lot of time talking to groups about the role of women in the computer industry. She particularly enjoyed speaking to young women, ranging from Girl Scout groups to women engineers at Google.  I have been told that they frequently found her story an inspiring one.

At the Memorial Service this weekend, we will be mentioning the following about donations:

  “Donations in memory of Jean Jennings Bartik may be made to either:

(1) The ENIAC Programmers Project, which is raising funds to finish a documentary on the original six ENIAC women programmers, at or

(2) The Jean Jennings Bartik Women in Computing Scholarship at Northwest Missouri State University, a newly created scholarship for Northwest women students who are majoring in computer science or math/science related majors. Contributions can be made through the Northwest Foundation, Office of University Advancement, Northwest Missouri State University, 800 University Drive, Maryville, MO 64468 or by contacting 660.562.1248 or”

I think both these causes are good ways to promote the advancement of women in technology fields

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Tim Bartik is a senior economist at the Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, a non-profit and non-partisan research organization in Kalamazoo, Michigan. His research specializes in state and local economic development policies and local labor markets.
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2 Responses to Jean Jennings Bartik Memorial Service

  1. Mr. Bartik,
    I write you today with sincere sympathy and gratitude. I am priveledged to advocate for young children as the Executive Director of a non profit Child Care Resource and Referral agency in Southwestern Indiana. Your book and your blog are daily sources of information and inspiration for me as I strive to fulfill our mission to improve the quality of early child care and education. Thank you.

    I am also privelegded to be the mother of a bright and mathmatically inclined daughter who next year will be pursuing an education in biomedical engineering. Your mother’s work opened doors for my daughter, and thousands of other young women, to pursue careers in engineering and technology that were closed before before she so boldly burst through. Again, thank you, to you and Mrs. Jennings-Bartik.
    With sympathy and kind regards,
    Jennifer Gronotte

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