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My TEDx talk on why early childhood programs are key to local economic development

My recent TEDx talk is now posted on YouTube.  In 15 minutes, this talk summarizes my argument for why early childhood programs can build stronger local economies.  It summarizes some of the key points from my book Investing in Kids. … Continue reading

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Why some business tax credits are so costly per job created

A just-posted working paper, by my colleague Kevin Hollenbeck and me, examined the state of Washington’s business tax credit for R&D spending.  Our conclusion is that this tax credit is quite costly per job created.  The cost per job-year created … Continue reading

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The limits of later interventions for disadvantaged students, and the case for early childhood programs

A recent paper by Nuria Rodriguez-Planas presents discouraging information on the long-term results of a program to help at-risk high school students. (The full paper requires subscription access to the journal, but working paper versions of many of the results … Continue reading

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