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Why education is important to the economy, especially the local economy, and how business can help improve education

On June 13, I gave a presentation to a group of business leaders on why education is important to national and local economic development. The presentation then went on to review how we’re doing on educational quality, what the key … Continue reading

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What is needed for large-scale evaluation of the effectiveness of pre-K programs?

The Center for American Progress recently released a report on improving the efficiency of publicly-supported early childhood programs.  This report includes many useful recommendations. These recommendations include national standards for pre-K learning, assessment, and data collection. However, I want to … Continue reading

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ReadyNation issue brief on my book

ReadyNation has a new and improved version of an issue brief that summarizes my 2011 book, Investing in Kids. This issue brief summarizes the main points of my book, and accompanies this summary with some great graphics. Specifically, the issue brief … Continue reading

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What is a good business climate for job creation? Changing the conventional wisdom

Most people use some simple principles to guide their judgments about public policy. I think this is quite understandable. Why should we expect most people to spend their time trying to interpret conflicting empirical studies? As a recent blog post … Continue reading

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