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Breaking the political cycle of inequality

Jared Bernstein has a great presentation summary and PowerPoint on what has gone wrong with broad-based economic growth in the U.S. Jared Bernstein is currently a Senior Fellow at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Previously, he was Chief … Continue reading

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Early childhood programs and local economic development: supply-side economics or Keynesian economics?

I recently encountered the statement that my book was in some way based on Keynesian economics, which is thought by some to be politically controversial. I have nothing against Keynesian economics as a way of analyzing business cycles and macroeconomic … Continue reading

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Do early childhood programs pay for themselves?

Today I continue to provide brief responses to questions I have received at presentations. Today’s question: “Do early childhood programs pay for themselves?” In the long-run, high quality early childhood programs are self-financing; in the short-run, a significant portion of … Continue reading

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