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National initiatives and grassroots political support for early childhood programs

The federal government recently announced the state winners for its Race to the Top – Early Learning Challenge (ELC). ELC will provide support for states to better coordinate their early childhood programs, provide better assessment of program quality, and provide … Continue reading

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Accountability systems need to improve quality, not make things worse

The New York Times op-ed by Helen Ladd and Ed Fiske that I linked to the other day was based in part on a much longer recent paper by Helen Ladd. That paper is well worth reading. Professor Ladd reviews … Continue reading

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School reform and early childhood education

Yesterday Julie Mack, the education reporter at the Kalamazoo Gazette, posted my somewhat lengthy thoughts on education reform. The essay posted at Julie’s blog originally was an email to a friend of mine. She was running a forum at her … Continue reading

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Class matters: New York Times op-ed

This morning’s New York Times has a strong op-ed by Helen Ladd and Ed Fiske. Helen Ladd is a well-known public finance economist at Duke. Ed Fiske is the former education editor of the Times, but is perhaps best known … Continue reading

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Why is the political support for evidence-based policies so weak and inconsistent?

A recent New York Times article by Annie Lowery pointed out that several important programs with strong research support for effectiveness are being threatened in the federal appropriations process. In particular, a House appropriations subcommittee recommended cutting all fiscal year … Continue reading

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Bigger funding needed for big ideas for job creation

A project entitled “Big Ideas for Job Creation” recently released a policy brief on a wide range of job-creation proposals.  This project was managed by the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment at the University of California-Berkeley, and funded … Continue reading

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How socially valuable is additional employment?

I have a new working paper available that looks at how job-creating policies should be evaluated in benefit-cost analyses. The paper is technical, and is mainly addressed to economists interested in benefit-cost analysis. However, the paper’s findings have some important … Continue reading

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