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Finding my blog

For some reason, Google’s search algorithm no longer seems to find this blog very easily. I suspect this has something to do with the recent change in their search algorithm. My best guess is that for some reason, Google has … Continue reading

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Federal policy towards business incentives

Several posts have identified some problems with business incentives’ national benefits.  Business tax incentives in average- growth or fast-growth local areas are likely to have national benefits that are less than costs. On the other hand, business tax incentives in … Continue reading

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Kalamazoo event highlights the potential of business support for investing in kids

On Thursday, February 24, I spoke at an event in Kalamazoo about my book Investing in Kids. This “book signing” event was cosponsored by the Kalamazoo community group ISAAC, the Greater Kalamazoo United Way, and the Kalamazoo Great Start Collaborative. … Continue reading

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Responding to state budget concerns

As outlined in a previous post, many states are facing budget shortfalls for fiscal year 2012 (the fiscal year which starts July 1, 2011 in most states, and runs until June 30, 2012). In another post, I pointed out that … Continue reading

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Across-the-board business tax cuts vs. business incentives

In Investing in Kids, I calculate that high-quality business incentives can pay off for state economic development. For each dollar a state invests in high-quality business incentives, the present value of the earnings per capita of state residents increases by … Continue reading

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Are business tax incentives a zero sum game regardless of which local areas offer such incentives?

I argued in a previous post that the national benefits of business tax incentives were less than 20% of the state benefits of business tax incentives. But is this true regardless of which local area is offering these tax incentives? … Continue reading

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Can states afford now to invest in early childhood programs?

In a previous post, I argued that even with states facing short-term and long-term budget issues, states could choose to invest more in early childhood programs. What is the evidence for this argument? Even in state budget crises, states are … Continue reading

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